Thursday, 15 November 2012

Diwali in Namche

It's interesting how Hindu and Buddhist beliefs happily coexist here. Anyway it's Diwali and children of all ages (even grown men) have been going around town in groups and dancing. In exchange they are given money. The meaning/symbolism of the holiday is lost on me. When I ask I'm just told that it's the Festival of Lights. As a notional Jew this only confuses me further. I do see that candles are lit and fried foods eaten so the similarities just add to the confusion.

Ah well. In any case we had a very late and very raucous time in the bar last night. And I have been invited to one of the Sherpa's homes for his family's Diwali party tomorrow night. Plus my hostess has invited me to help her tomorrow to cook Newari food including roti and then climb up to visit the local holy man and bring him food. Obviously I am honoured to accept her generous invitation.

Meanwhile, today is Bhai Tika - when sisters mark their brother's foreheads with a mark like a bindi and brothers give their sisters money. Dunno why (again my questions are met with shrugs) but I can only support the sentiment.

I guess that at some point I will have to do some research unless a willing volunteer cares to enlighten me.

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Barb said...

I googled it and honestly, it's a very, very complicated and confusing multi-day, multi-storyline amalgamation of different but associated celebrations of their gods on a base of the harvest festival.