Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lord have mercy

My calves are like rocks! And while that's a good thing I guess, I've taken a day off from exercise. Don't worry - I'll be back at it tomorrow plus doing loads of walking in Basel over the weekend.

BTW, if my father is reading this - that client of yours would have been from the Kingdom of Mustang (pronounce MooSTANG) which also looks like a great place to visit in Nepal. Apparently they only get about 3000 trekkers per year at the moment and only opened up to the outside fairly recently. The key is to go soon before the transport links improve and the culture is sullied.


Glass Mammoth said...

You'll be happy to hear that we've left Basel in good running order for you after last week. Even the trams are following the correct routes again.

Glass Mammoth said...

Oh good grief - I appear to have another persona.

As for who I am, you were admiring our Fasnacht badge display only a few weeks ago, and our Unseen University too.

Asti said...

Hello Mysterious Stranger! I'm looking forward to stomping around the place this weekend but it's Baselworld so the nearest hotel room available is at least 35 kilometers away so I'll be staying on a friends couch.

Glad to hear that you left the place in one piece!

T Byro said...

The woman from Mustang definitely looked Tibetan. She had just come from Mustang and said that only a tiny trickle of tourists had found their way there by this time. Definitely sounds like an interesting place to visit