Monday, 21 March 2011


I have to be honest here, although I have a list of equipment that I need to bring, I have absotootinglutely no idea what brands to buy or any other specifics.

The most worrying aspect of this is that I don't know which hiking boots to get. All I know is that they should have deep lugs and gore-tex. Which leaves a great deal of scope to screw up and this is such a key item of the gear. And they vary in price from ~£50-£250!

I know what's going to happen - I'm going to have to sheepishly go into a store Kathmandu or Berghaus and admit what I'm doing that I have no clue and then lay myself open to their mercy in making a recommendation. And I have to do it soon because I need to start breaking them in by wearing them one day a week. The last thing I need on the trek is to get blisters and have to hire a yak to carry me up or something.

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